Report: Solidarity with ZANU-PF, champions of African independence

Under the leadership of Comrade Robert Mugabe, the Zimbabwean people's Chimurenga continues to go from strength to strength.

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Proletarian writers

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CPGB-ML Chair Harpal Brar has recently returned from attending the Fourth Congress of Zimbabwe’s ZANU-PF.

Whilst there, he delivered an extremely well received message of solidarity on behalf of the Zimbabwe Solidarity Front and the CPGB-ML, part of which was reproduced on Zimbabwean national television. He also presented copies of his latest book, Chimurenga, The Liberation Struggle in Zimbabwe to Zimbabwean leaders and activists, including President Mugabe himself, who endorsed the book and thanked Comrade Brar for his 30 years of work in support of the Zimbabwean national liberation movement.

A full report of the congress will appear in the anti-imperialist journal Lalkar, which has recently carried a two-part article on the success of the land redistribution programme carried out by ZANU-PF under the leadership of Comrade Mugabe and in the teeth of bitter imperialist opposition.

In sharp contrast to our party’s internationalist attitude towards the just struggle of the Zimbabwean people for land and the completion of their liberation struggle, the fake ‘left’ – Trotskyites, revisionists and social democrats – hang on the coat-tails of imperialism and repeat the chauvinist lies about and vilification of ZANU-PF in general and Comrade Mugabe in particular. By way of illustration , we reproduce below an excellent letter from a party member that was printed in the Morning Star on 7 October this year.

Where can I apply to join up with Mugabe?

In his column of 30 September, the Morning Star‘s David Floyd calls Robert Mugabe a “crusty old tyrant” and accuses him of leading his people “headlong into the economic abyss”.

Dr Samuel Johnson once said that one could always tell when a leader was a true champion of the people and defender of the least well-off by the chorus sent up by the rich of ‘Tyrant! Tyrant!’

Since the beginning of the industrial revolution, every measure taken by government to improve the lives of working people, from the banning of child labour in the mines, the introduction of health and safety regulations and paid holidays, up to and including the minimum wage, has been accused by the bosses of “wrecking the economy”.

According to a recent article in the Guardian, among Mugabe’s many crimes is “forcing businesses that had laid workers off to take them back and backdate their wages”.

If this is ‘tyranny’ and ‘wrecking the economy’, it’s a pity we can’t have some of that here.

Where can one apply to join Comrade Mugabe’s party ZANU-PF?

Keith J Ackermann

Zimbabwe’s leaders are vilified for three reasons:

1. At great cost to itself, Zimbabwe has sent troops in support of the Democratic Republic of Congo, thereby foiling imperialism’s plans to gain complete control over Congo’s huge wealth;

2. Zimbabwe has rejected IMF and World Bank diktat by refusing to implement a Structural Adjustment Programme; and

3. ZANU-PF has had the temerity to give Zimbabwean land back to the people it was stolen from at gunpoint over 100 years ago.

All these are excellent reasons to give full support to ZANU-PF and Comrade Mugabe – may they continue to set such an example!