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Many supporters are happy to simply give financial assistance to our work. Others are ready to progress to membership of the party.

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Becoming a supporter is also the first step towards party membership.

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Becoming a supporter

If you support our aims and want to help us to achieve them, you can register here as a supporter of the party, and keep up to date with party news and analysis.

We will send you the party papers and add you to our email lists so you are kept up-to-date with our activities.

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Becoming a member

An understanding of society (theory) and a way of uniting to change it (organisation) are the two things that we need to make a socialist revolution. Ordinary people in Britain have everything to gain by getting involved in this process sooner rather than later. This world isn’t working for us and we deserve better!

If you are ready to play your part in bringing about a socialist revolution in Britain, becoming a supporter is the first step to membership of the Communists. In return for your supporters’ fee, we will send you copies of Proletarian and Lalkar and add you to the party’s email lists.

Our national organiser or a regional organiser will also get in touch to find out more about your situation and to discuss progressing your application.

Our party follows the Leninist model of organisation. We practice democractic centralism and expect our members to contribute both time and money to our work.

The party has supporters (who donate money to help our work but who do not have to commit anything else), candidate members and full members.

Supporters pay a monthly fee to receive our papers and emails.

Candidate members pay a membership subscription fee (subs) to the party (a minimum of £5 per month), get invovled with their local branch’s activities and accept the party’s programme.

After a minimum of six months, candidate members who feel they have shown a good level of commitment and are up to date with their subs (a minimum of £10 per month) are eligible to apply to become full members of the party.

All members are eligible to attend the party’s congresses, but only full members are entitled to vote or stand for office.

Read more about the party’s programme.

Apply for supporter status as the first step to membership.