About the Communists

An understanding of society (theory) and a way of uniting to change it (organisation) are the two things we need to make a socialist revolution.

Ordinary people in Britain have everything to gain by getting involved in this process sooner rather than later. This world isn’t working for us and we deserve better!

Not only do we need to campaign against the bad conditions and lack of prospects for working-class people in Britain today, but we need to work for a completely different type of society – one where people’s needs decide everything.

So many problems face this world: environmental catastrophe, poverty, disease, racism and war. They’ll never be solved while capitalism remains, but they could all be sorted if society was set up for the benefit of the majority rather than the private gain of a few billionaires.

Our party is different because we consistently apply Marxist science to all areas of our work, and we’re not scared to tell it how it is. We refuse to be intimidated by the barrage of lying propaganda that fills Britain’s mainstream media. It is the capitalists’ job to try to stop us from building a socialist society; it is our job to do it anyway!

Challenge your ideas — challenge their propaganda — seek the truth — serve the people — change the world!

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What makes our party different?

The Communist Party of Great Britain (Marxist-Leninist), or CPGB-ML, was set up in July 2004 by a group of committed communists in recognition of the fact that there was no existing party in Britain that carried a consistently Marxist-Leninist, anti-imperialist, anti-social democratic political line. It was, and is, the unshakable conviction of our comrades that only such a party can develop into a genuine working-class vanguard.

More information on the setting up of the party can be found in the first issue of our party paper, Proletarian, in particular the article Why the CPGB-ML?.

As time has gone on, our conviction that we offer something completely different to all the other parties calling themselves socialist and communist in Britain has only deepened. Since our founding, there has clear blue water between our position and that of every other party on all the important questions: on the economic crisis, its causes and solutions; on Libya and Colonel Muammar Gaddafi; on Syria and President Bashar al-Assad; on the youth uprisings of 2011; on People’s Korea (the DPRK) and its leaders; on the coup and war in Ukraine; on Scottish nationalism and Irish liberation; on the European Union; on Russia and China; on refugees and immigration; on identity politics and the drive to war against Russia and China.

What differentiates us is a consistent revolutionary analysis and a thoroughly scientific approach to all aspects of our work, which enables us to approach every question from a working-class perspective, holding our course amidst the deluge of bourgeois propaganda. This enables us not only to find the truth, but also to use that truth to plan our work and start to fulfil our aim of bringing knowledge to the working class.

The consistency and principled nature of our approach has borne fruit. From tiny beginnings, our party has begun to grow and become a real force in British politics. We may still be relatively insignificant, but we are increasingly attracting the best and most serious representatives of the British working class towards us.

It is noticeable today that all the other parties calling themselves socialist and communist are falling into despondency and disarray, having travelled right to the end of the blind alley dictated by their fatally flawed programme of ‘voting Labour to bring about socialism’. Their memberships are declining and their leaders are fighting amongst themselves for the diminishing returns still to be got out of the social-democratic gravy train.

Our party, on the other hand, is growing year on year, and our members are characterised by their enthusiasm and optimism. As a result, we are becoming more active, more organised and more visible all over the country.

We are small, but we are growing. We welcome anyone who is serious and committed to working for a socialist future.

Our programme

To understand where we stand on the issues that affect workers in Britain and elsewhere, you can read the CPGB-ML Party Programme and Rules, which were adopted at our founding congress on 3 July 2004 and revised at the eighth congress in 2018.

A succinct overview of our policies is also given in the Red Youth statement of aims: We Want Freedom.

Major policies adopted by congress

* Identity politics are a harmful anti-Marxian diversion from class struggle
policy adopted by eighth congress, September 2018

* A Class Analysis of British Society at the Start of the 21st Century
party pamphlet approved by seventh congress, November 2014

* Scotland: a part of the British nation
policy adopted by sixth congress, November 2012

* Capitalism and Immigration
party pamphlet approved by fourth congress, July 2008


For a fuller picture of our party’s platform, see also the resolutions adopted by recent party congresses:

Ninth party congress, September 2021
Read reports, motions and speeches from the congress

Eighth party congress, September 2018
Read reports, motions and speeches from the congress

Seventh party congress, November 2014
Scottish nationalism is a dangerous diversion. Fight for the unity of the British working class!
Public health care – a vanishing commodity?
End private, sectarian and religious schools. Quality education for all
Oppose fracking: you’ve got to be red to be green!
Divide and rule: EU immigration and UKIP
Stand with Gaza, stand with Palestine. No cooperation with Israeli war crimes
Solidarity with Syria and the axis of resistance
Solidarity with the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea
Hands off Ukraine
Defend the People’s Republic of China against US-led imperialist aggression

Sixth party congress, November 2012
Economic crisis: a product of capitalism
Defend the NHS
Oppose cuts and privatisation in education
Anti-war work in Britain
Build our study classes to build the party
To British youth: each one, teach one; build the red bases!
No cooperation with the criminal war against Syria
Support the re-election of Hugo Chávez in Venezuela
Support Libya’s green resistance fighters
Building solidarity with the DPRK
Free the Miami Five

Fifth party congress, July 2010
Congress motions 1: The way forward for our party during the economic crisis
Congress motions 2: Our international solidarity tasks

Fourth party congress, July 2008
CPGB-ML congress calls for an end to immigration control
CPGB-ML party congress expresses solidarity with people in struggle and makes plans for future work (full text of congress resolutions)