Letter: Unite against fascism

The following letter was sent by a CPGB-ML party member to Unite Against Fascism.

Proletarian writers

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Proletarian writers

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Dear Comrades

The racist and fascist BNP must be opposed and stopped, keep up the good work. As a communist, I have been campaigning against the racist, fascist and anti-working class monopoly capitalist/imperialist system for 30 years.

The ‘Labour’ government is a truly racist, fascist and anti-working class government, the ‘Labour government has actual state power, therefore it is incumbent on your organisation not to sow illusions and pretend that a few ‘left’ MPs and trade union leaders can miraculously transform the bourgeois Labour Party into a wonderful socialist organisation.

I would suggest we rename the organisation to: Unite Against The BNP and Fascist Labour Government.

Enclosing communist party material: Lalkar, Proletarian and party leaflets, including the leaflet ‘Break the link with Labour’.

This leaflet explains the real imperialist history of the Labour Party, and argues that all unions and working-class people should ditch Labour because it promotes internal suppression and endless wars abroad by its use of the coercive organisations of the bourgeois state – the police the armed forces and secret services. Also it supports the hated US regime to the hilt.

I would appreciate your comments

Yours Fraternally

Mervyn Drage

ps. You are good people, but like Stop the War Coalition and CND you seem to have a love affair with Labour and opportunist well-heeled politicians and union leaders. Why?