Letter: Expose the sham of social democracy

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Proletarian writers

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Dear Comrades

Tony Blair has declared that he will be “judged by god” for his decision to send British troops to the aid of the rampaging, bloodthirsty beast that is American imperialism. He supported a ‘war on terror’ that meant mass murder for the innocent Afghan and Iraqi working class. While social democracy promised the greatest firework display on earth – the ‘shock and awe’ campaign – Iraqis burned. As those innocents suffered horrific injuries, they were unable to call upon emergency services. All power and transport had ground to a halt as one of the primary objectives of the campaign was achieved.

Make no mistake, comrades, this was the systematic slaughter of tens of thousands of people! This campaign was to leave the Iraqi population without even the most basic amenities. We will never know how many thousands died later from disease, hunger, cold and lack of shelter.

George Bush and Tony Blair are among the most notorious terrorists and mass murderers in human history. In the eyes of the international working class, they will be judged for crimes against humanity. If Tony Blair chooses a judgement by god, the British working class should swiftly arrange his court appearance!

When the slaughter is over comes the irony of the ‘democratic vote’. Never forget that these horrors were unleashed by ‘democratically’ elected leaders. The social democracy that Blair and co offer can never promise peace for the working class. Social democracy represents capitalism through imperialism. There will be more ‘democratic’ leaders taking their countries to war to serve the interests of there own capitalist class.

Imperialism demands more markets, cheap labour and resources. It gets them by threats, intimidation and force. Social democracy can only promise more terror, more oppression and more death as the price of profit goes up. Workers living in social democracies need to cast off false loyalties and illusions. Tony Blair and the Labour Party represent British imperialism, not the working class. Whoever represents imperialism represents war.

Workers need to realise that peace can only be guaranteed by a workers’ democracy – socialism. It is the duty of all workers to unite and overthrow capitalism. They need to unite with the oppressed workers of nations exploited by imperialism to expose the sham of social democracy. A first step would be to brand Blair and Bush liars and mass murderers and bring them to justice!

Victory to the Iraqi and Afghan resistance!

Rob Rodgers