Meeting: Victory to the Resistance in Lebanon and Palestine

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Proletarian writersParty leaflet

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[pdf 700 800]The current situation demands an urgent response. It demands wholehearted support for the resistance fighters in Lebanon and Palestine from all working and oppressed people.

The present Israeli aggression against Lebanon and Gaza is a continuation of the politics of US imperialism through the agency of Israeli zionism. Its aim has nothing to do with so-called ‘kidnapped’ soldiers. It has everything to do with trying to destroy the resistance to Israeli and imperialist designs for Gaza, the West Bank, East Jerusalem, seizing control of Lebanon and weakening Syria and Iran.

But this military adventure by imperialism is not going according to its plans. It is meeting heroic resistance and there is consternation in the imperialist camp.

We need a very clear analysis so that we can take a resolute position based on sound principles of proletarian internationalism. Come to this urgent meeting, join the discussion and form part of a growing movement in the imperialist countries against imperialist aggression.