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[pdf 700 800]HANDS OFF CHINA Launch Meeting

Saturday 19 July 2008


Kings Cross Neighbourhood Centre,

51 Argyle Street

London WC1H 8EF

Speakers include:

– Jack Shapiro – Veteran Friend of China

– Harpal Brar – Chairman, CPGB-ML; Editor, Lalkar

– Keith Bennett

– Others invited

The Hands off China campaign is being set up in the light of the vitriolic and deceitful propaganda campaign being waged in the imperialist press against China, as well as the protracted campaign being waged by the US and its allies aimed at destabilising, weakening and encircling the country. Ignorance and misinformation about China is widespread in Britain, even in the working class movement; hence the need for an organisation which seeks to counter imperialist propaganda and set the record straight.

The aims of Hands off China are:

– To defend the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) against imperialism and its stooges;

– To support the ‘One China’ principle and the PRC’s just stands on such issues of its vital national interest as Taiwan and Tibet;

– To refute hostile propaganda and misinformation of the capitalist media and others against the PRC;

– To uphold the great revolutionary traditions of the Chinese communists, working class and people;

– To support the achievements of the Chinese people in eliminating poverty and building a strong, powerful and modernised socialist country; as well as the PRC’s contributions to realising a multi-polar and peaceful world and to the independent, anti-imperialist development of the countries of Africa, Asia and Latin America;

– To support Chinese workers, students and other members of the Chinese community in Britain in their struggles against racism and for their rights.

Planned activities include: producing leaflets, bulletins and internet articles that refute imperialist lies about China; organising events (such as meetings, seminars, film showings and cultural evenings); working in the trade union movement to promote friendship and solidarity between the working class of Britain and China; developing ties of friendship with Chinese workers and students in Britain.

Please come to the launch meeting to find out more and to get involved.

Hands off China is an initiative of the Communist Party of Great Britain (Marxist Leninist).