Letter: Whose fault is the exchange of fire?

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Proletarian writers

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The media have paid a lot of the attention to the exchange of fire between the DPRK and south Korea and have blamed the DPRK for this. What are the facts?

1.The DPRK does not recognise the so called ‘Northern Limit line’ unilaterally imposed by south Korea and the US. The Korean Armistice Agreement of 27 July 1953 (which the south Korean puppets were not a party to) did not stipulate any ‘Northern Limit Line’. However, the US imperialists later arbitrarily and without agreement unilaterally imposed this ‘limit line, which is a ghost-like line.

2.On 21 December, the Korean People’s Army announced that the area in the West Sea is a peacetime firing zone and that all vessels should take their own precautions for their safety.

3.It was a routine exercise of the KPA coastal battery, which south Korea had been informed of in an advance, and, indeed, the DPRK had warned all shipping to stay away from the area during the exercise.

Notwithstanding all the above, the south Korean puppets became hysterical and fired at the DPRK vessels, spreading stories in the media about an ‘exchange of fire’.

In October 2007, when the south Korean ruler met DPRK leader Kim Jong Il, the DPRK offered to make the area into a peace zone and allow south Korean fishing boats and shipping to use it. This offer was ignored, however, and the south has stuck to the anachronistic policy of confrontation.

The responsibility for the increased tension lies entirely with the south Korean puppets and their masters the US imperialists.

DH, Plumstead

NB. We might add that although it is in the interests of both north and south Korea to be reunited as one in a confederate republic that will allow both sides to keep their own social system, a proposal that the DPRK has permanently tabled, US imperialism is a deadly opponent of reunification, as it would then lose its pretext for keeping a massive army and arsenal on south Korean soil.

This army is on hand, should the occasion arise, for US imperialism to threaten and, if necessary, commit aggression against, for instance, China and/or Russia. That is why the US constantly pulls the strings of the puppet south Korean regime to engage in childish provocations of the kind referred to in Comrade DH’s letter.