Letter: France prosecuting Palestine solidarity activists

Proletarian writers

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Proletarian writers

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There can be no escape from the reality that the French authorities’ prosecution of the women and men who participate in the international BDS campaign (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions) against Israel is an act of the worst imaginable criminal complicity in the racist violence perpetrated by the state of Israel; a criminal violence that is a plague on all human decency.

This rogue state has been trampling over international law and common, basic principles of humanity in the most corrupt, violent, immoral and sinister ways for decades, to the outrage of the real international community …

You may parade in the robes of power spouting nonsense over the parapet, but you are watched by the throng below, and their anger and outrage is growing like steam in a boiler, while your machinations simply block the normal avenues of release, those most critical being those dependent on public faith in the objectivity of the courts and the apparatus of the law.

You are like the fools who saw off the branch on which you sit.

You are writing a history that will shape the future; you will not stand with any pride in the record and you may not enjoy the harvest of these wicked seeds you are sowing.

We, the real international community, are watching.

I, for one, protest, and in the strongest possible terms!

AJ, London

No cooperation with Israeli war crimes. Victory to Palestine.