Poem: Response to ‘A Postgraduate’s Lament’

by Steven Durrant

Proletarian writers

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Proletarian writers

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I know of this scenario well, how people find it living hell.

But much as I can empathise – May I offer this surmise?

Life is more than paid employ, most of which brings us no joy.

Your dignity is so much more than ploughing through some corporate chore.

Money matters we all know, but proper sharing helps things flow.

People’s kitchens, social action fulfil needs and give you traction

more than some dull 9 to 5, and make you feel much more alive.

23?? A life ahead – People count. This system’s dead.

It’s psychopaths that run the show. We don’t need it, we must grow

without relying on their lies, the masters care not for your cries.

Thus standing up to feeling down’s political! So lose the frown! 🙂

:: Poem – A Postgraduate s Lament , Proletarian issue 49 (August 2012)