No cooperation with war crimes in Syria. Join the axis of resistance!

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[pdf 700 800]Despite the money, arms and mercenary thugs being provided to Syrian terror groups, and even while under imminent threat of an all-out external air war, the progressive government in Damascus is still managing to deal very effectively with the Nato-organised insurgency on its soil.

Video footage on the internet shows Syrian troops being greeted as heroes and liberators by those who have had to endure temporary occupation by Nato’s gangs, while the survivors consistently describe a hotch-potch of accents and languages being used by their tormentors, thus giving the lie twice over to imperialism’s propaganda myth of a homegrown ‘popular uprising’.

With all diplomatic options now firmly rejected by Washington and its partners in crime, the truly bestial face of imperialist aggression stands fully exposed. Any communists, socialists, anti-war activists or democrats who [i]might[/i] previously have doubted the real intentions of the armed ‘opposition’ and its western backers must surely now open their eyes and rally in support of the brave and beleaguered people of Syria and their anti-imperialist leadership.

[b]The Annan Plan[/b]

Meanwhile, Kofi Annan has finally buckled under pressure and quit his post as mediator over the Syria crisis. His six-point plan for political reconciliation had only been made possible by the existence of two forces that have stood up to imperialist bullying: the patriotic resistance of the Syrian masses themselves and the steadfast refusal of both Russia and China to aid and abet intervention against Syria.

Without the Chinese and Russian veto, Washington could have hoped to maintain a diplomatic charade whilst using the UN as a springboard for aggression, just as it did over Libya. And since they had no interest in a ‘diplomatic solution’ that didn’t include the ousting of Syria’s president and the violation of its sovereignty, the US, Britain and France were aghast to see the emergence of an [i]independent[/i] diplomatic initiative.

Right from the outset, Washington and its allies did everything possible to undermine the Annan Plan, making sure their proxy fighters trampled over every agreed ceasefire arrangement and creating their own ‘Friends of Syria’ circus rather than accepting the lead given by Russia and China.

[b]Washington wades deeper into blood[/b]

The imperialists are now virtually micromanaging the rebellion themselves, ever more brazenly arming, funding and directing terrorist actions against Syria. At a recent council of war convened by Hillary Clinton with the Turkish foreign minister, Clinton spoke openly about imposing “no-fly zones” over Syrian territory – the same phrase that was used to unleash eight months of aerial bombardment by Nato upon Libya.

Clinton announced that “We have been closely coordinating over the course of this conflict, but now we need to get into the real details of such operational planning.” And in the same breath as announcing $5.5m in assistance for Syrian ‘refugees’ (ie, Syrian rebel bases on Turkish territory), she vowed to increase the involvement of the intelligence services and armed forces of both the US and Turkey.

Obama, meanwhile, has warned of “enormous consequences” should Syria choose to defend herself with the full range of her military options. He has even threatened an attack if Damascus moves defences around within her own borders, frothing that “a red line for us is if we start seeing a whole bunch of chemical weapons moving around or being utilised”.

Lest anyone should doubt the scale of the threat, White House briefers speak of “tens of thousands of ground troops” going “into Syria to secure chemical and biological weapons sites following the fall of President Bashar al-Assad’s government”.

But Washington’s unbridled aggression is risky, to say the least. For a start, there is a distinct chance that the US might receive a humiliating rebuff at the hands of the patriotic forces of Syria and her allies. Moreover, there is no guarantee that other Nato imperialists will be willing to press ahead with a war whose outcome is so uncertain and which is so obviously illegal under international law.

Fractures are even beginning to show between the US and Britain, suggesting a limit to the much-hyped ‘special relationship’. US officials recently denounced British Standard Chartered Bank for allegedly breaking US sanctions against Iran – wiping millions off the bank’s share values in the process. And occasional cracks in the British media narrative (such as the video showing rebel war crimes that appeared and then disappeared from [i][/i]) are a sure sign that our rulers are not of one mind over the question of all-out war.

[b]Stand with the Syrian nation![/b]

Throughout all this, the resistance of the Syrian nation persists. We congratulate the Syrian army for the strong measures it has taken in Aleppo and elsewhere against the armed rebellion and its foreign auxiliaries. We applaud the steadfast refusal of Moscow and Beijing to aid and abet the West’s criminal adventure in Syria, and congratulate them on their decisive diplomacy. The warmongers are now left without even a scrap of fig leaf to camouflage their warlike intentions.

Iran’s envoy, Saeed Jalili, has declared that Iran stands with her neighbour in an “axis of resistance” that cannot be broken. Let workers in Britain pledge the same, standing shoulder to shoulder with our brothers and sisters in Syria in our own unbreakable ‘axis of resistance’. Let us [i]refuse to cooperate with the criminal war against Syria[/i]. We must [i]refuse[/i] to fight; [i]refuse[/i] to make or transport arms and supplies; [i]refuse[/i] to create or broadcast war propaganda that demonises Syria’s leaders and justifies the war.

A victory for Syria would deal a serious blow to our imperialist rulers’ own [i]axis of oppression[/i], undermining their ability to plunder at will and bringing us one step closer to the end of their blood-soaked and parasitic rule.

[b]Victory to Syria; victory to President Assad!

Death to imperialism![/b]