Letter from Comrade Isabel Crook in China

Veteran revolutionary expresses her appreciation for factual analysis in a world dominated by lying imperialist media.

Our party’s honorary president since 2012, Isabel Crook was a living connection with the best revolutionary internationalist traditions of the Third International and the Chinese Revolution.

Comrade Isabel Crook is a veteran communist revolutionary living in the People’s Republic of China.

She and her late husband, Comrade David Crook, an International Brigader, went to the liberated areas in 1947 on the introduction of the Communist Party of Great Britain (CPGB), of which they were both members, to help the Chinese people in their war of liberation.

Isabel entered Beijing with the People’s Liberation Army and has remained in China to this day, fighting shoulder to shoulder with the Chinese people in their struggle to build a new, socialist society.

Isabel is a member of the CPGB-ML and was unanimously elected as our Honorary President at our recent congress, recognising her link to the revolutionary CPGB of the 1930s and 40s, her lifelong struggle for communism and her steadfast proletarian internationalism.

Letter to the editors from Comrade Isabel

I do appreciate articles in Proletarian and Lalkar, because they firmly distinguish between major and lesser contradictions, while keeping the target on US imperialism and its supporters.

I treasure Proletarian and Lalkar more and more since Syria became a battle ground between imperialism and anti-imperialism. These two papers make such a thorough and factual analysis, which differs so sharply from the BBC (and CNN, which I watch from to time).

We pass on copies to the professor in charge of the study of Marxism [at the Beijing University of Foreign Studies], who appreciates them too.

Isabel Crook, Beijing