IRIS CREMER – Join us to mourn the death, and celebrate the life of our loved and lamented comrade

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IRIS MARY JESSIE CREMER (10 Nov 1943 – 2 Apr 2014)

FUNERAL: 3pm, Thursday 17th April 2014

Iris & Godfrey pay tribute to the communards of Paris (1871), who created the first true government of the working people

Iris & Godfrey pay tribute to the communards of Paris (1871), who created the first true government of the working people

To mark the anniversary of Godfrey’s death, we published a series of tributes paid to him by those that knew him well, and valued him so highly.

The following speech of tribute paid to Godfrey by Iris, explains why they were both so valued by those that new them. They were generous, warm and open-hearted human beings, who went to enormous lengths to encourage a generation of idealistic young activists, and raise them to match their good intentions with the scientific understanding necessary to make their action effective.

Iris and Godfrey shared their lives and their dreams together, and worked throughout Godfrey’s life to build a movement that could promise a better world; A world without poverty, racism, discrimination, exploitation, famine or war; a world where all can develop their abilities and potential, for themselves and the common good. A world in which the economy is dedicated to serving the interests of the masses, not a clique of parasitic billionaires; where the waste of unemployed talents, and prematurely terminated life is the exception, rather than the rule.

This and other contributions were made at a memorial meeting held in April 2012, attended by many of his closest friends, family and comrades, who packed into Saklatvala Hall to share our sorrow at Godfrey’s passing and our joy that he has enriched our lives.

Despite our sadness, it was an inspiring and uplifting celebration of the 50 selfless and meaningful years that Iris, Godfrey and their comrades have devoted to the finest cause in all the world – the fight for the liberation of mankind.

Iris and Godfrey’s deep love for humanity, their profound Marxist understanding, and their determination to use all their many talents to serve the working class by building a truly revolutionary movement dedicated to our emancipation from wage slavery, and a communist party capable of directing that struggle, were their consistent motivating forces, and remain their enduring legacy.

It was this higher cause and meaning that enabled them to harness their creative powers and live truly outstanding and exemplary lives; lives full of passion and joy, free of black despair and wasted, petty or meaningless years.

Iris, like Godfrey, faced her final moments with the same optimism and fortitude that characterized the life they spent together. Their abiding certainty is that their lives’ work was a great gift to humanity – and we salute them for it.

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