Oppose fracking: you’ve got to be red to be green!

The following resolution was passed at the recent CPGB-ML party congress.

Proletarian writers

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Proletarian writers

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This congress notes:

1. That the government has committed to cutting 80,000 pages of regulation, which make up 74 percent of the rules that govern control of the UK environment. This is in the face of Cuadrilla legally disposing of two million gallons of radioactive waste into Manchester’s ship canal.

2. That the government has cut subsidies for onshore wind, solar and efficiency measures that would reduce carbon emissions in the UK, while exposing 64 percent of the UK territory to unconventional fossil fuel extraction.

This congress believes:

1. That we need a sustainable energy future making full use of renewable sources of energy such as solar and wind power.

2. That there is need for environmental regulations to protect the living spaces of the community, to protect the health of workers and to protect the countryside from unbridled industrialisation.

3. That hydraulic fracturing and any other types of extreme energy extraction should be banned in the UK.

This congress resolves:

1. To support those communities that are opposed to fracking.

2. To oppose cuts in environmental regulation, with the aim of protecting both workers’ health and the environment.