Solidarity with Syria and the axis of resistance

This resolution was passed at the recent CPGB-ML party congress.

Proletarian writers

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Proletarian writers

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This congress notes that imperialist attempts over many years to subvert the progressive, secular and anti-imperialist orientation of Syria, whilst causing enormous material devastation and human suffering, have failed to achieve their objective.

Congress further notes that this failed proxy war recruited the services of mercenaries and islamist fanatics from across the Middle East and beyond, and was fought in cahoots with Turkey and the corrupt feudal sheikhdoms of the Gulf, which throughout provided weapons, finance and bolt holes.

Congress believes that behind all the local actors stood western imperialism, deep in crisis and desperate to strengthen its faltering stranglehold on the Middle East, crush all governments daring to challenge Anglo-American hegemony, and advance its geo-political drive to contain and neutralise Russia and China.

Congress notes that imperialist efforts to subvert the constitution and independence of Syria politically by the creation of a series of comprador governments-in-waiting (the Syrian National Coalition and its no less ill-fated predecessors) have all degenerated into self-defeating squabbling cliques, united only by their common adoration of the yankee dollar.

Congress further notes that imperialist efforts to overthrow Syria’s legitimate leadership through the employment of terrorist surrogates have likewise failed, with rival terror factions compensating for their defeat at the hands of the Syrian Arab Army by the slaughter of their rival jihadists.

This congress denounces imperialism, and in particular the British government, for inflicting so much destruction and suffering upon Syria. We denounce also all those self-proclaimed ‘socialists’ who act as auxiliaries of imperialism by parroting the defamation of Syria’s chosen leadership.

Congress salutes the government, army and people of Syria for having displayed such steadfastness in the face of over three years of imperialist-backed terror, and supports them in their struggle to rid the country of the remnants of the so-called ‘Islamic State’ and all its rival criminal gangs.

Recognising that Syria’s struggle is not a private affair, but that of all progressive humanity, this congress resolves to raise the call for solidarity with Syria and its comrades in the axis of resistance against wars of national oppression, as part of our wider campaign of non-cooperation with all of imperialism’s criminal wars.