Letter: We need a council tax rebellion

In the early 1990s, the Conservative government introduced the community charge, which penalised millions of hardworking families through unprecedented poll tax bills. It was abolished after much opposition and replaced with the council tax.

It is now time for the council tax to be abolished because it is actually a poll tax imposed upon those who have made a lifetime’s tax contribution to the country and who should not be taxed any further once they retire.

Council tax bills are dreaded by the elderly couple who have scrimped and saved for decades and who now, when their contributions should be honoured, are compelled to pay even more in taxation even though their income has been cut. The average family pays £1,500 every year regardless of their income.

I believe that we should now abolish this new poll tax, the dreaded council tax imposed without democratic consultation and without consideration for the financial circumstances of those who are forced to pay it.

Working people are being hammered by this pernicious and intrusive tax and it is time it was abolished forthwith and without hesitation. The people of this country have had enough.

Taxation in the modern state should be based on the premise of progressive taxation – namely, the sum of tax to be paid by the citizen should be based on their ability to pay.

The Council Tax Rebellion should now commence.

OH, Leicester