Poem: They Say that Both Sides are to Blame?

Media lies keep the working class divided and weak. What's the way out?

Soviet poster (1922) dedicated to the fifth anniversary of the October Revolution and the fourth congress of the Communist International

The news came in from Charlottesville,
a far-right demo, a counter clash,
they said the violence was from both sides,
could our governments be defending the fash?

The racist far-right kill and maim
… yet BOTH sides are to blame?
The police have been known to kill and maim
… yet BOTH sides are to blame?

Ever wondered why the enemy
must always be the ‘Red’?
Ostracised by Nazi-funding governments,
their Nazi legacy the dead?

When the terrorists are white,
and when the terror is real,
when the terrorism’s by the west,
we’re fed the whitewashed media spiel.

Scapegoat refugees,
bully Venezuela, DPRK,
support Ukrainian nationalism,
white supremacy and the KKK,
then bomb progressive Libya
because it’s in the way,
next turn the guns on Syria …
For imperialism …
another invasion, another day!

Our governments back the fascists
so that they can kill and maim
… but still we’re getting told,
that BOTH sides are to blame!
Out governments send their troops in,
to threaten, kill and maim
… yet the BBC’s reporting
that BOTH sides are to blame!!

Capitalism is in decay, 
but without a fight is here to stay,
this isn’t what we voted for,
this false ‘democracy’
is rotten to the core,
it’s becoming plain to see
what we need is Class War,
to stamp out the bourgeoisie!

The far right are a symptom,
communism the cure,
we don’t want this racist shit,
we want progress, we want More!

Rise against this divisive system.
Together, make a stand,
this is a fight that involves us all,
so let’s do it hand in hand!