Birmingham Worker candidates fighting for women and children

Communist candidates highlight the role of the Labour party in implementing austerity on behalf of the ruling class.

Proletarian writers

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Katt Cremer, communist candidate for Brandwood and Kings Heath in Birmingham.

Proletarian writers

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The CPGB-ML is fielding three candidates for local elections in Birmingham this week, standing under the name of the Birmingham Worker.

“Not a single great movement of the oppressed in the history of mankind has been able to do without the participation of working women.

“Working women, the most oppressed among the oppressed, never have or could stand aside from the broad path of the liberation movement. This movement of slaves has produced, as is known, hundreds and thousands of martyrs and heroines. Tens of thousands of working women were to be found in the ranks of fighters for the liberation of the serfs.

“It is not surprising that millions of working women have been drawn in beneath the banners of the revolutionary movement of the working class, the most powerful of all liberation movements of the oppressed masses.

“Working women – workers and peasants – are the greatest reserve of the working class. This reserve constitutes a good half of the population. The fate of the proletarian movement, the victory or defeat of the proletarian revolution, the victory or defeat of proletarian power depends on whether or not the reserve of women will be for or against the working class.

“That is why the first task of the proletariat and its advanced detachment, the communist party, is to engage in decisive struggle for the freeing of women workers and peasants from the influence of the bourgeoisie, for political education and the organisation of women workers and peasants beneath the banner of the proletariat.

“The second and decisive task of the working class is to forge an army of worker and peasant women out of the women’s labour reserves to operate shoulder to shoulder with the great army of the proletariat. (1925 International Women’s Day address by J V Stalin)

We demand at this local election:

High-quality, safe, preschool childcare and education, and the protection of all the children’s centres at risk from Labour party cuts.

Oppose all attempts being made by the Labour party to encroach on provisions made for women and children in Birmingham!