Nicholás Maduro re-elected by landslide as Venezuelan president

The masses continue to show their resilience and ability to push aside the bullying, economic sabotage and poltical interference of US imperialism.

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We congratulate the Venezuelan people, the PSUV and President Nicholás Maduro, on his re-election by a landslide on Sunday 20 May 2018, to serve a further six years in the highest office of state.

The fact that the US immediately denounced the election, despite the presence of 150 international observers who testified to the free and peaceful atmosphere of the entire electoral process, only shows that the US respects democracy only when the ‘correct’ (from its own standpoint) result is achieved – in other words, imperialism seeks domination not democracy!

The PSUV, since the electoral victory of Hugo Chávez, has shown an ability to seize the bourgeois apparatus of state, due especially to its predominant influence in the army, and use it to advance the economic interests of the masses.

PSUV governments have nationalised key industries, notably Venezuela’s oil wealth, and made great strides in meeting the needs of the Venezuelan workers and peasants, despite the limitations that are imposed by the continued presence, influence, media, power and interference of the Venezuelan capitalist elite, who are constantly trying to subvert the gains made by the people.

The proud Venezuelan people, in re-electing Comrade Maduro as head of sate, have shown their resilience and ability to push aside all attempts at bullying, economic sabotage and poltical interference from the US empire and its local servants.

They have shown their determination to consolidate the Bolivarian revolution, dedicated to pursuing the interests of the masses of the Venezuelan people over those of the comprador elite and its US imperialist masters.

We wish them well, and clearly they are showing us that they understand how to engage the masses in the struggle.

We simply at this time remember the profound words of a great proletarian revolutionary: “The capitalists are our implacable enemies – their wealth is based upon our poverty, their joy upon our misery.”

The capitalist class will stoop to any measure to regain control of Venezuela. They will go to war, if they can find a way to muster the strength.

We must also must be prepared to raise the masses to a clear consciousness of the moral rectitude of our historical mission to smash capitalist exploitative economy and the capitalist state.

It gladdens our hearts to see the Venezuelan government wresting factories and means of production (not only in the oil sector, but in the very food and basic goods monopolies that the capitalists are sabotaging in a vile attempt to blackmail the revolutionary people – a cornflake factory today, the entire industry of the country tomorrow).

Long live the Bolivarian revolution; long live independent and sovereign Venezuela!
Seize the means of production; forward to socialism!