What can Corbyn’s Labour do for us?

In this short video clip, Harpal Brar looks at the difference between Jeremy Corbyn's words and his deeds.

Can Corbyn’s Labour party deliver anything like social, let alone economic, justice for working people? Is Corbyn himself, and are the Labour party social democrats generally, ‘friends of the people’, as they would have us believe?

It is enough to see the way JC has capitulated on his allegedly ‘core values’ at the first whiff of political gunpowder (Trident, war, the EU, austerity …) to realise that he is totally incapable of leading any movement that really challenges the dictatorship of the capitalist class.

He cannot even broach the subject, but we are told people find the word ‘communist’ frightening! Well in that case, says Harpal, use it more often and they will find it less frightening – back your words and ideas with facts and powerful examples and explanations, and of course the people can be won to the cause of their own liberation.

The very struggle for words is a struggle for ideas – it is a class struggle. That is why the ideas and heroic examples of working-class power are vilified in the capitalist media, and why workers learn to recite by rote reasons to be thankful for their own wage-slavery in capitalist-controlled schools and universities.

For the Trotskyists, ‘Stalinist’ is simply a term of abuse. For us, the term ‘Trotskyism‘ – although its content is rightly to be criticised and derided – is a scientific term denoting the actual theories and practice of Trotsky and his followers, long ago proven bankrupt and discredited, but constantly reanimated by the capitalist ruling class as a useful tool in corrupting and holding back the working-class struggle for socialism.