Mohamed Hassan: Imperialism is rampant but October is our future

Seasoned African Marxist and valued friend of the CPGB-ML addresses the party youth on the centenary of the October Revolution.

Dr Mohamed Hassan, leading member of the Belgian Workers Party (PTB) and former Ethiopian ambassador, delivers a message at the CPGB-ML October Revolution centenary celebration held at the Dominion Centre in Southall, West London.

Since the collapse of the USSR, imperialism has run rampant. Fifty wars are being waged at this moment, 4 million Iraqis have been murdered, 10 million Syrians have been made refugees, and Libya lies in ruins – all in the pursuit of the profits of a tiny clique of financial oligarchs.

Comrade Hassan comfirms that the road of October remains the road to humanity’s future, and it is good to see a new generation taking the leadership and coming into the party: you are the generation that will make the next October, he tells the packed hall.

Organisation, discipline, analysis and courage are needed to lead a successful revolutionary process. Follow the teachings of Lenin, and comrade Stalin. And remember that the quality – not the quantity alone – of your cadres and membership will determine the outcome of your endeavours.