Zionism, Britain and Balfour

Marking the 100th anniversary of the infamous Balfour Declaration, Comrade Harpal Brar outlines the true history of the origins of zionism.

Zionism, attests Comrade Harpal in this talk to the Stalin Society, is not a jewish project; it is an imperialist construct – an instrument to perpetuate imperialist domination of the middle east.

Its main purpose is to ensure continued imperialist control of the region’s oil and gas reserves. The zionist state of Israel is a dagger aimed at the heart of the Arab people’s revolutionary-democratic movement.

At the same time, it has mentally subjugated a large proportion of the world’s jews – people who were formerly to be found in the front ranks of every democratic and socialist movement.

Owing to the suppression of the historical truth about zionism, the wider masses, including the jewish masses, are unaware of the true nature of this pernicious ideology, which is racist, antisemitic and reactionary to its core.

As the malformed offspring of imperialist intrigues and crazed zionist ideology, the artificially constructed Israeli state is bound to collapse under the weight of its own internal contradictions.

As a colonial enterprise that appeared at a time when colonialism was already well past its sell-by date, Israel is bound to collapse through the resistance of the Palestinian masses and the fatigue brought upon the jewish settler population by endless warfare.

This presentation is based upon the pamphlet written by Comrade Harpal for the CPGB-ML, which is our small contribution to exposing and defeating this vicious tool of imperialism.

See all references and sources, and get the full picture here: Zionism: A Racist, Antisemitic and Reactionary Tool of Imperialism.