Beware the drive to WW3 with Russia and China

If war is not avoided by workers making revolution first, then we must turn the coming war into a civil war to shake the warmongers off our backs.

Party statement

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Joint military exercises between Russia, China and Mongolia take place as the countries increase their preparedness for attack, while hoping to convince the imperialists that the price to pay for launching such a war would simply be too heavy. Vlostock, September 2018.

Proletarian writersParty statement

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The following motion was passed unanimously at the party’s eighth congress in September.

This congress notes the increasing drive by the imperialist powers, championed enthusiastically by British imperialism, towards a cataclysmic war against with Russia or China or both. If such a war were to be embarked upon, it is clear that the imperialist countries themselves would become theatres of war – something workers in Britain have not experienced since the end of WW2.

Congress further notes that the role played by both Russia and China in the world today is a progressive, anti-imperialist one – as shown by China’s technological transfer and infrastructure building in developing countries, for example, by Russia’s military assistance to the Syrian people in their fight against an imperialist-backed jihadi invasion, or by both countries’ roles in forming trade blocs (such as Brics or the SCC) that bypass imperialist mechanisms of control.

This congress believes that, even without such overtly anti-imperialist actions as those noted above, Russia and China have earned the enmity of imperialism simply by maintaining their own national independence and refusing to submit their peoples, markets and natural resources to imperialist control.

Congress further believes that neither Russia nor China have aggressive or expansionist intentions, and that all their military development is aimed at helping them to prevent an imperialist onslaught or preparing them to defend themselves in the event of one being launched.

Congress confirms that in the event of such a war breaking out, the British proletariat would have no interest in the victory of ‘its own’ imperialist bourgeoisie, and every interest in a victory for the forces of anti-imperialism.

Congress therefore resolves that our members shall continue to educate workers about the real reasons for imperialist hostility towards Russia and China, doing everything in our power to expose the lies propagated to justify such a war and to popularise the programme of non-cooperation with the imperialist war machine.

Congress further resolves that in the event of the war breaking out, our party shall call for the victory of Russia and China and shall work to mobilise the masses against the imperialist system itself, which is the cause of all war in the modern world.

Congress resolves that in the case of war against Russia and/or China, the party shall continue to take as its slogans:

No cooperation with imperialist war
Victory to the resistance!