Zionism is a racist and antisemitic tool of imperialist policy in the middle east

It is not the anti-zionists who are guilty of antisemitism, but the zionists themselves. Accusations meant to silence opposition to Israel’s fascistic nature must be resisted.

Party statement

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Not content with helping its imperialist backers to control the region's oil through war and blackmail, Israel is becoming a major producer of oil and gas itself, drilling for resources that it has no right to in the Syrian Golan Heights and in Palestinian coastal waters.

The following motion was passed unanimously at the party’s eighth congress in September.


– That zionism and the creation of a jewish state is not a jewish but an imperialist project;

– That this project, far from being in the interests of the jewish masses is, on the contrary, against their long-term interests;

– That zionist ideology, resting on the false premise that the jews of Europe do not belong to Europe, and that the non-jewish Europeans have the right, indeed the duty, to get rid of their jewish populations, is racist and antisemitic;

– That a jewish state imposed on Palestine can only be at the cost of the expropriation, expulsion and continued oppression of the lawful owners of that land, the Palestinian people, who have lived there for centuries;

– That the two-state solution (Israel and Palestine) envisaged by the Oslo agreement, under which the Palestinians made the truly painful concession of ceding 78 percent of the territory of historic Palestine to the zionist state, has been rendered impossible through the continued zionist settlement activity, land grabs and forced evacuation of Palestinian people from the tiny portion of the Palestinian territory which was to be the basis of an independent Palestinian state, including East Jerusalem;

– That the zionist state has continued to act in flagrant violation of international law and UN resolutions with the full connivance and support of the leading imperialist powers, especially the United States;

– That the Israeli zionists and their supporters persist in their fascistic behaviour, through abuse of the charge of antisemitism against all those who expose and oppose their activities, labelling every anti-zionist statement and activity as antisemitic;

– That, this being the case, the Palestinian people have only one effective course open to them, namely armed resistance against Israeli armed suppression, for material force can only be defeated by material force.

Recognising the foregoing, this congress resolves:

– To continue to expose and oppose the poisonous ideology of zionism as being a reactionary tool in the hands of imperialism – a tool which is as harmful to the cause of jewish emancipation as it is to that of the liberation of the Palestinian people;

– Fully to support, morally, politically and financially, the liberation struggle of the Palestinian people, without the fear of being dubbed ‘antisemitic’;

– To support the cause of the Palestinian people for return to their land and homes, from which they were forced out a gunpoint, and for the recognition of Jerusalem as their capital.

Furthermore, this congress resolves to create public opinion in favour of the destruction of the racist, oppressive apartheid state of Israel and the creation in its place of a binational state of Palestine, in which Palestinians and jews can live peacefully as equal citizens and in which no group oppresses another.

Death to imperialism!
Death to zionism!
Forward to the victory of the Palestinian national-liberation struggle!

Zionism: A Racist, Antisemitic and Reactionary Tool of Imperialism (party pamphlet)