South Korean party slams Trump’s dirty tricks at Hanoi summit

The PDP has called for a nationwide uprising to remove US troops from Korean soil and allow the people to determine their destiny without interference.

US troops continue to occupy south Korea 65 years after the war ended in an armistice, and it is extremely unwilling to give up this base for threatening not only north Korea but also Russia and China.

The following statement was issued by the People’s Democracy Party of south Korea on 1 March 2019 following the abortive summit between north Korea and the USA.


By a nationwide anti-Trump and anti-US uprising, we will bring forward a new world where US troops will be withdrawn and independent reunification and democracy will be realised.

The US president Trump smashed the second summit between north Korea and the US. At the press conference on 28 February, Trump strongly emphasised: “Dismantling the Yongbyon complex wasn’t enough to do what we were doing,” and the US secretary of state Pompeo strongly explained: “We couldn’t get to listing nuclear weapons and other complicated elements.”

On the other hand, when foreign minister Ri Yong Ho stated: “In detail, there are 11 UN sanction resolutions all together imposed upon the DPRK, and we proposed the United States to lift the articles of sanctions that hampered the civilian economy and the livelihood of our people from five UN sanction resolutions adopted in 2016 and 2017,” he revealed the Trump’s lies.

Trump broke down the summit on purpose by letting Bolton participate in the expanded meeting and by requiring the dismantling of the Yongbyon complex, and finally by attempting to enforce a “Libya model” for denuclearising north Korea.

As if he was mocking the common expression that there hasn’t been a failed summit in history, Trump has shown total disrespect towards the spirit of at least minimal diplomatic faith, when only the final signatures remained to be placed on the agreed deal. This is extremely dangerous and reckless-behaviour, which pushes north Korea into having no other choice but to choose a “new way” mentioned in this year’s New Year address.

Obviously, the ‘Libya model’ for denuclearising north Korea is nearly a declaration of war, which would ravage the Korean peninsula and annihilate our people. Libya, which did ‘denuclearisation first’ in 2003 as the US insisted, was devastated eight years later and the leader Gaddafi was found dead, murdered brutally.

That is the only reason why Trump’s current remarks aiming at enforcing the “Libya model” on north Korea overlap with his reckless remarks from September 2017 about “totally destroying north Korea”. The world has already fully witnessed who has contributed to peace and stability in the world and who has caused war and division over the past period.

The truth that imperialists never withdraw by themselves is confirmed yet again. Our nation proclaimed decisively, on the Korean peninsula and abroad, that we will determine our destiny of our own accord through the 27 April Panmunjom declaration and the September Pyongyang joint declaration.

No matter how much the Trump government continues with any sanctions and reckless behaviour, the general trend of peace, prosperity and reunification of the Korean peninsula will never be changed.

Our people will force US troops to withdraw by a nationwide anti-Trump and anti-US uprising, and will bring forward a new world where independent reunification and democracy are realised.