Twitter censors Venezuelan embassy in Britain

Twitter is helping the US and its comprador coup plotters conduct the media war against Venezuela’s legitimate and popular government.

A placard shows images of former president Hugo Chávez and current president Nicolás Maduro with the words ‘Together, anything is possible’, as government supporters rally in Bolivar Square, Caracas, April 2019.

The suspension of the Twitter account of the legitimate representatives of Venezuela in Britain – the Venezuelan embassy – demonstrates an increasing trend towards censoring the voices of the people and representatives of oppressed nations.

It is worth remembering that allowing bourgeois institutions (whether they be governments or companies) to censor with increasing impunity will inevitably backfire when this censorship is turned upon its real targets: the anti-imperialist and socialist representatives of the working and oppressed masses, at home as well as abroad.

Below follows a statement from the Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

Embassy statement

On 1 May, Twitter temporarily suspended the account of the Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in the United Kingdom, alleging “infractions” on the conditions of this social network.

This first suspension occurred one day after the attempted coup in Venezuela, and in parallel to the suspension of numerous Twitter accounts of the Bolivarian government.

After the immediate appeal made by the embassy, Twitter replied two days later informing that the suspension was permanent, and that there is no possibility of another appeal.

The permanent suspension of the official Twitter of the embassy will not silence the voice of the Bolivarian Revolution in the United Kingdom. We have a new Twitter account, @EmbaVenezUk; please socialise the account among your contacts, so we can multiply information about Venezuela as swiftly as possible. Venceremos!

Rocío Maneiro