Soviet communism – the truth

Comrade Harpal Brar demolishes the major planks of anticommunist propaganda in this interview for Durham student radio.

Harpal Brar, then chairman of the CPGB-ML, returned to The Durham Union (Durham University students’ union debating society) for the the third time on 19 October 2012.

On that occasion, he was invited to propose the motion ‘Capitalism has failed’. Following a heated debate, Alex Morgan of Durham Union Radio asked for an interview with Harpal. This is the footage from that interview, with a short intro and outro.

Alex asks such questions as: “Hasn’t communism failed – what does being a British communist mean today?”, “Doesn’t communism inevitably lead to totalitarianism?”, “Weren’t the Red Army’s victories only won under the greatest repression of troops?”, “Didn’t millions die under Stalin in gulags, death camps and purges?”, and “Aren’t people today rising up for capitalism?”

All the major planks of bourgeois anticommunist propaganda are touched upon, and Harpal, drawing on his profound ideological and historical knowledge and understanding, demolishes them all.

It’s compulsive viewing. All topped off with a little humour and gentle mockery of the bastion of privilege that would paint itself as the great upholder of British ‘democracy’.


More evidence and information can be read in the short pamphlet Lies Concerning the History of the Soviet Union by Swedish communist Mario Sousa, available from our online shop.