Marxism, dialectics and the Labour party

“Once workers learn Marx’s ideas, and realise their truth, it changes our lives.” William Hunt-Vincent

The late Comrade Billy Vincent talks about how and why he became a communist, why he joined the CPGB-ML and why he read, subscribed to, and supported the papers Lalkar and Proletarian.

He talks about the past and present role of the Labour party – in particular pointing out that it has always been a party of the privileged workers, and has never sought to redistribute wealth, but only to maintain capitalism and serve British imperialism.

Why do workers, and even so-called ‘communists’, support the Labour party? Because of a lack of real Marxist understanding, says Billy. In particular, they have not studied and understood Marxist philosophy, dialectical materialism. They have not learned how to understand things in context, and apply the lessons of class struggle and class analysis to the modern world around them.

You can see Billy’s entire interview here: Billy Vincent – communist.