Anarchism or socialism?

Why has no anarchist led a successful revolution? Why are their seemingly revolutionary activities ultimately so fruitless?

What are the beliefs of the anarchists? How are they different from those of the communists? In particular: is capitalism the enemy, or is the state machine the enemy?

What do the anarchists think workers should do if they are successful in getting rid of exploitative capitalism? What are the anarchists’ criticisms of communism?

What are the fundamental tenets that make scientific socialism (Marxism) a useful guide to action, empowering workers to overthrow the old system of exploitation and to build a new, peaceful and truly representative society? In what way is Marxism more ‘scientific’ and systematic?

Comrade Harpal Brar, former chairman of the CPGB-ML, gives a historical and contemporary overview of anarchism, from its philosophical and organisational roots to the present-day anarchists and their ‘activity’, and compares it to the scientific socialist principles established by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels.

A must watch for every thinking person, every would-be revolutionary, and every worker who wants to build a better world.