YouTube brands video on trans ideology ‘hate speech’ – if communists host it

Why the furore over basic biological facts? And why the double standards from YouTube censors?

The video above is hosted by a US-based catholic organisation called TFP Student Action, an off-shoot of the conservative American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property.

It is an indictment of the mess that our ‘progressives’ have got themselves into that the doctor being interviewed, a paediatrician who has strong catholic, pro-life, conservative views, is nevertheless more material in her outlook on this topic than most of the US and British left.

In our topsy turvy world, where left and right have turned themselves inside out, the Trotskyists and social democrats have become more reactionary, individualist and pro-imperialist than the so-called conservatives.

We are drawing attention to Dr Cretella’s points on this issue not because we agree with her overall political orientation, but because she is so self-evidently correct in what she says here.

It is interesting to note that although this video has been online since November 2017, and remains available both as the short clip shown above and as a longer interview, whose text has been fully transcribed and available online also since that time, nevertheless when a flurry of self-identifying ‘leftist’ keyboard warriors attacked our party for hosting the video on Proletarian TV this week, it was immediately banned by YouTube as ‘hate speech’.

So it is ‘hate speech’ to give a platform to a doctor explaining that there are proven biological differences between men and women that are hardwired into our DNA … if you are a communist, but not if you are a catholic.

And it is those on the ‘left’ in Britain and the US who are desperate to assist our imperialist rulers in stifling debate and promoting ever-greater levels of censorship, even though the ultimate target of all censorship is not ‘bigots’ but those who stand against imperialism.


Our party is presently preparing a detailed pamphlet on the topic of identity politics, ultra-individualism and the reactionary nightmare of ‘gender fluidity’. In the meantime, you can read more short articles on identity politics here.