George Galloway celebrates the achievements of the Chinese revolution

‘The east is red, and the sun is rising in the east, and the imperialists had better get used to it.’

Join us to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Chinese Revolution on Saturday 28 September, 6.30pm
Bolivar Hall, 54 Grafton Way, London W1T 5DL

George Galloway will once again be one of the keynote speakers, along with representatives from the Chinese embassy and our party’s former chairman Harpal Brar.


In this video, filmed on 3 October 2009 in Saklatvala Hall, Southall, George Galloway speaks at a meeting organised by the Hands off China campaign to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the victory of the Chinese revolution and the founding of the People’s Republic of China, which took place on 1 October 1949.

“The victory of the Chinese Revolution and the foundation of the People’s Republic of China is one of the very greatest and most profoundly important historical events in human history,” says George, and he goes on to explain why he has always counted himself a friend of China.

First, he says, it is because anti-imperialism is the cornerstone of his political credo; the most important tenet to which he holds.

Second, China’s rise is breaking the hegemony of US imperialism, a development most devoutly to be welcomed.

And third, he says, is that he believes China still is a socialist country, citing the achievements of the socialist system in lifting hundreds of millions of citizens out of poverty and providing them with jobs, homes, education, healthcare and a civilised future.

Discussing the issue of whether China is still socialist or not, he points out: “The liberation of over a billion people from the domination of imperialism is worthy of support in itself, whatever the character of the leadership of the Chinese people’s republic … It is not our business to issue certificates of authenticity or approval to those who overthrow imperial rule.”

He touches also on the seizure of Hong Kong by British imperialism, the tremendous damage done to Chinese society by the opium that Britain forced onto the Chinese people, and the utter gall and hypocrisy of the British ruling class in presuming to lecture the Chinese about the way they choose to conduct their affairs. “The days when other countries could order China what to do are gone, and gone for good,” he says.

“The east is red, and the sun is rising in the east, and they (the imperialists) had better get used to it,” says Comrade George.

The short video hosted here is the first of three parts of George’s speech. See these links for part 2 and part 3.