Comrade Harpal defends the legacy of Robert Mugabe on RT

The anger of the imperialists against a true national-liberation hero knows no bounds.

Following the death of Comrade Robert Mugabe at the age of 95, the imperialist media were once again filled with hysterical denunciations of his alleged ‘dictatorship’, ‘corruption’, ‘economic mismanagament’ and so on.

Some even went so far to accuse him of ‘genocide’ for having had the temerity to appropriate and redistribute the vast estates of a small minority of super-rich white farmers, descendants of British colonialists who had stolen the land from its former owners at gunpoint.

Not only did Comrade Mugabe facilitate this great fulfilment of the liberation charter, but his government refused to bend to the intense pressure of imperialist sanctions and the accompanying media bombardment that were aimed at forcing the government to give up the policy, or forcing the people to give up on their government.

The anger of the imperialists against a true national-liberation hero knows no bounds. This can be seen again and again. Today we see it most clearly in the case of leaders such as President Bashar al-Assad of Syria, President Nicolás Maduro of Venezuela and Chairman Kim Jong Un of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

In this brief news segment on RT, our founding party chairman, Harpal Brar, attempts to push back against some of the lies about President Mugabe’s leadership and the true state of his Zimbabwe.


Comrade Harpal Brar is also the author of the definitive account of Zimbabwe’s national-liberation struggle, which he witnessed in detail as a leading member of the Zimbabwe Solidarity Front during the 1970s. The book includes interviews with many leaders of the liberation movement, including Comrade Mugabe himself, when they were in exile in Britain.

Book: H Brar, Chimurenga! The Liberation Struggle in Zimbabwe, 2004
Article: Communists and the struggle against imperialism, October 2011