Under cover of Covid-19, US launches another failed coup in Venezuela

Captured Americans mercenaries have confessed to their schemes to seize an airport and facilitate further invasion forces.

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Last Monday (4 May), the Venezuelan government reported that it had arrested two US citizens among 13 detained ‘mercenaries’ on the coast of La Gaira, a coastal town just half an hour from the capital, Caracas.

In a presidential address to the Venezuelan people, Nicolás Maduro showed passports and badges belonging to the two US detainees, saying:

“They were captured in this raid, the Americans Airan Berry Sack, a professional mercenary of the United States confessed, a security member of Donald Trump, and Mr Luke Alexander Denman, also a member of Donald Trump’s security. They have already confessed, and all the terrorist group, they are already testifying …

“The government of the United States of America is fully and completely involved in this raid, defeated by the solid civic-military-police union of Venezuela.”

An article on the Red Revolution website reported that Venezuelan police had seized “ten rifles, two machine guns which had been stolen in 2019, six trucks and a boat from the group on Sunday. The Venezuelan government alleged that the illegal speedboat incursion was part of a plan that would evolve into acts of terrorism and eventually an attempted coup.

“Responsibility was reportedly claimed for the operation by American military veteran Jordan Goudreau, who leads Florida-based security company Silvercorp, as he said on Monday that he was working with the two US men to detain Maduro and ‘liberate’ Venezuela.” (Venezuela’s Maduro says two US mercenaries captured in failed Bay of Pigs style plot, Red Revolution Media, 5 May 2020)

Based on these claims and on previous information about manoeuvres by the US and its European allies involving imperialist military forces massing close to Venezuela’s borders, this attempted covert operation was only the beginning of what was planned to be a protracted assault on the country.

The video above features one of the captured Americans freely confessing to his mission, which he says was to capture the capital and secure an airport in order to facilitate further invasion forces. (Telesur, 7 May 2020)

Details have now been published of the contract signed between Goudreau and the US-backed would-be-president Juan Guaidó, a notorious embezzler of funds who has apparently upset his contracted killers by reneging on his commitment to pay them.

According to an article published by Covert Action: “Goudreau’s company, Silvercorp, is a private entity, but could not do what it does across Latin America without the aid of the United States. In recent decades, the practice of regime change has been outsourced from the government itself to semi-private corporations, giving the White House some form of plausible deniability to its operations.

“National Endowment for Democracy founder Allen Weinstein helpfully explained to The Washington Post what his organisation’s role was: ‘A lot of what we do today was done covertly 25 years ago by the CIA,’ he said.” (Operation Gideon: New details emerge linking US to latest coup attempt in Venezuela by Alan Macleod, 5 May 2020)

While we cannot consider the threat to Venezuela to be at an end, it is certainly very good news that the country’s military police, in full cooperation with the popular government, have captured imperialism’s hired thugs and blown the lid off the scandalous cooperation of the US government with private mercenaries.

It is probably because these people were contract killers that they spilled the beans so willingly. If you want to do a dirty job, better dirty your own hands, Mr Trump!