Comrade Joti on RT’s CrossTalk: ‘Wokist Cult’

In order to fight racism we have to understand where racism comes from; that it is built into the system of exploitation.

Comrade Joti Brar (@joti2gaza) joins the panel on RT’s flagship discussion show CrossTalk.

Host Peter Lavelle points to the the rise of a new secular religion and called Wokism. At this moment in its short history, he says its goal is to end racism. Why? Well, everything is now considered racist! The believers in this cult demand obedience and self-criticism.

But we are never told how racism is to be eradicated or how it helps serve the needs of working people of all colours.

Comrade Joti explains the roots of identity politics and how they have come to be substituted for class politics. She points out why it is that we are surrounded by the symbols and narratives of racist imperialism.

Will toppling those symbols change the material basis of our existence, and if not, what is really needed if we genuinely want to end racism?

With co-panellist George Szamuely (@GeorgeSzamuely).


Broadcast on 15 June 2020