Iranian professor: ‘Israel is in no position to wage war against Iran’

The days when Israel’s firepower and US backing could cow the rest of the region into submission are gone.

In this insightful interview with George Galloway on the Mother of All Talkshows (MoATS), Professor Mohammad Marandi of Tehran university explores the current situation in the middle east.

Given the resources required for Israel to keep the Palestinian half of its population subjugated, says the professor, and having failed recently to crush Hamas’s relatively weak and backward military resistance in Gaza, the zionists are in no position to act on their oft-repeated threat of launching an all-out war against Iran, which is well-armed with missiles, has a large and well-trained army, and a large and united territory and population.

After years of exporting violence across the region, Israel now finds itself surrounded by powerful resistance forces, from Hezbollah in Lebanon, Hamas in Gaza, Ansarullah in Yemen and the PMU in Iraq to the Syrian and Iranian national armies.

Its politicians may continue to talk tough for the benefit of the home population, much of which still cherishes the illusion of Israel’s military supremacy, and they may still act on the presumption that American firepower would be brought into play if needed, but neither US imperialism nor Israeli superiority is what it once was. The outcome of any regional war is unlikely to be favourable to imperialism or its local stooges.

Not only is the USA badly weakened after two decades of failed wars, but so are its allies Israel and Saudi Arabia. Meanwhile, the growth of the region’s resistance forces and the rise of Russia and China have together broken the isolation of Iran and created a large and powerful anti-imperialist bloc.

As Professor Marandi says: “The world has changed.”

Originally aired on Sputnik Radio on 8 August 2021.