Dr Ranjeet: The story about Russia stealing vaccine secrets is a lie

Instead of working to protect the world’s most vulnerable from the pandemic, our media are undermining such efforts in the interests of profit.

In this interview with RT, Dr Ranjeet Brar refutes a recent article published in the Sun newspaper accusing Russia of stealing the Oxford/Astra Zeneca Covid vaccine to create its own Sputnik vaccine.

In fact, Dr Ranjeet points out, the Sputnik V vaccine was the first to be produced in the world and is still the safest and most effective.

We hear a lot about the ‘global effort’ to defeat the virus. If the governments in the west were more interested in public health and less interested in big pharma‘s profits, every pharmaceutical company in the world would have been manufacturing and distributing Sputnik V for the benefit of every vulnerable person on the planet since August 2020, and we’d have the pandemic beaten by now.

The fact that Covid-19 remains a deadly and white hot live issue across most of the globe is directly attributable to the profit motive.