Brexit continues to be a thorn in the side of imperialism

Exposing capitalist democracy, hastening Irish reunification, weakening the camp of international imperialism ... these effects of Brexit are greatly to be welcomed.

Party statement

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The splits and chaos caused in the ranks of our rulers over the continuing ramifications of Brexit are much to be welcomed.

Proletarian writersParty statement

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The following resolution was carried unanimously at our party’s ninth congress in October.


This congress notes that, contrary to the wailing and gnashing of teeth from the bourgeois media and liberal intelligentsia, Brexit continues to trouble the captains of British imperialism and to further expose the anti-worker nature of the allies of the capitalist class.

This congress believes that the entire saga of Brexit has provided an incredible education for the majority of workers in Britain. They have seen the powers that be pull out all the stops to reverse or negate the vote for Brexit, demonstrating the true interests of all the bourgeois political parties and their mouthpieces in mainstream media, counterposed to the interests and will of the British working class.

Congress does not support the idea that Brexit is the source of the problems that British workers face, but rather shows the grim reality of a declining imperialist superpower, which relies on the exploitation of workers from previously socialist countries admitted to the bloc and resources from the ‘freed’ colonies of the European imperialist nations.

Congress believes that the demise of the European Union – a union of competing imperialist powers – is inevitable, and the political struggles between factions of our class enemy is welcome.

This congress greets the recent development of labour shortages, particularly in trucking, farming, and food processing, with optimism, and urges all workers in Britain to unite and struggle to secure higher wages and better conditions, rather than letting our rulers make these jobs more dangerous and exploitative, which is their preferred solution to the current crisis.

Congress is clear that it is not immigration that is the problem, but the exploitation of immigrants from countries impoverished by imperialism, and that we must oppose the setting of worker against worker based on nationality.

Congress also welcomes another effect of Brexit: the hastening of Irish reunification. The drawing of a border in the Irish sea, leaving the north of Ireland tied more closely to the Republic of Ireland and the European Union than to Britain, along with the decades of impoverishment of the protestant working class, is showing the loyalist youth that their British rulers do not really care for them.

Congress hopes that this will lead to the realisation that protestant workers in the north of Ireland have more in common with working-class catholics in both the north and the republic than they do with the British ruling class.

This congress reaffirms that our party’s support for Brexit was the correct position, since it has indeed weakened British, European, and even US imperialism.

Congress resolves to continue to use Brexit as an example to explain the nature of imperialism to British workers.