Caleb Maupin and Harpal Brar: Capitalism and immigration

The first condition for success in the struggle for socialism is working-class unity. No wonder the imperialists work so hard to sow division in our ranks.

Tune in to the second of our regular series of discussions between Comrade Harpal Brar and US Marxist Caleb Maupin.

This week, Harpal and Caleb discuss vexed question of immigration. Why is it so hard for socialists to come to a consensus on this question, which Comrade Harpal has described as “the Achilles’ heel of the British working-class movement”?

Along the way they discuss the roots of mass migration in capitalist society, the apparent connection between immigration and living standards, the role of the trade unions, whether we should make a distinction between refugees and economic migrants and more.

Unmissable analysis from two serious Marxist thinkers from different generations and different continents but sharing the same struggle.

This conversation was recorded on 5 January 2022. It was hosted by Joti Brar.