Comrade Nina on Kalima Horra: Why is the USA so aggressive towards China?

Mired in decline and crisis, the logic of capital requires our rulers to ramp up their war drive, no matter what the cost.

Communist vice-chair Nina Kosta talks to George Galloway and guests about the USA’s rising aggression towards China.

Where does it come from? What motivates the constant stream of vilification, the lies and slanders of western media and politicians, and the increasingly hostile military manoeuvrings?

Comrade Nina compares the US’s drive towards war with the attitude of the countries that prefer to seek trade and cooperation with China. Contrasting New Zealand with Australia, she points out that while the New Zealanders prefer to maintain some independence and to pursue a fruitful bilateral relationship with China, Australia has allowed the US’s regional aims to take precedence over all other interests – and the high military and financial cost of joining the US war drive in the Pacific will be paid by the Australian people.

The same can also be said for the British people, whose interests are being subordinated to our rulers’ desire to destroy China as a rival. We would be far better trading and cooperating with China, but we are instead being softened up for a war that would only bring terrible devastation to ordinary workers.