Scott Ritter and Ranjeet Brar: USA used 9/11 to justify global domination

Only an understanding of imperialism can make sense of the global events of the last 25 years in general, and of the USA’s war drive in particular.

Comrade Ranjeet Brar appears on Press TV’s Hidden Files programme to discuss the imperialist USA’s aspirations of global domination in connection with the events and aftermath of 9/11.

Appearing after Scott Ritter, who focuses mainly on the actions of the USA in isolation, Comrade Ranjeet is able to broaden the picture and present a macro understanding of how the imperialist US operates and – crucially – why it operates in the way it does.

Whilst Scott’s unparalled military expertise is able to explain how the USA used 9/11 as justification for global domination, and even that without 9/11 a decisive confrontation between Iraq and the US would have inevitably taken place, he is unable to explain why.

Why does the logic of imperialism compel the USA to act in such an abhorrent manner?

Tying in the relevant history, from the early days of US imperial domination – beginning with the Monroe doctrine in the 19th century all the way up to Nato’s present-day expansion towards the borders of Russia and China – we can reach the crux of why the USA acts in the way it does.

The urge for global domination comes from the imperialist requirement to expand into new markets (ie, penetrate US capital) and to dominate existing ones, and the resulting competition to divide up the world amongst the monopoly-capitalist powers according to their economic strength.

Only through an understanding rooted in scientific socialism and Lenin’s definition of imperialism can a rational analysis of the situation emerge. Comrade Ranjeet sheds light on the situation as it stands.