Harpal Brar to Anti-imperialist Platform: ‘Imperialism is going to crash’

Greeting the newly-formed international antiwar organisation, Comrade Harpal outlines the challenges that face workers in today’s crisis-ridden world.

In this short video, our party’s founding chairman Harpal Brar greets the founding conference of the new World Anti-imperialist Platform, whose joint declaration on ‘The rising tide of global war and the tasks of anti-imperialists’ was launched in Paris on Friday 14 October.

Comrade Harpal is the honourary chairman of this united front, providing a theoretical anchor for its practical activities.

We are very proud of this important contribution our small party can make to the world struggle against imperialist crisis and war – a fight that the working class must win if it is to have a future.

For more information on the Platform, visit its website at wap21.org.