Harpal Brar: Lenin on party building (One Step Forward)

How is it that the Russian revolutionary experience is still so relevant for workers in Britain today?

Comrade Harpal Brar, founding chair of the CPGB-ML, gives a presentation on VI Lenin‘s work One Step Forward, Two Steps Back.

Written to address a specific crisis in the Russian communist movement of the early 20th century, the book remains relevant for the ground-breaking theoretical work that Lenin did in explaining exactly how workers need to go about their tasks of organising for revolution.

As socialists, we understand the crucial importance of scientific socialism, of revolutionary theory. But theory alone will not overthrow capitalism; there needs to be unity, coordination and direction of the working class for it to succeed in taking power.

The proletariat needs to combine its revolutionary theory with a strong organisation; it needs a party.

The questions that Lenin set out to answer in this crucial work have never been more important for workers to answer:

– What type of party does the working class need?
– How should such a party be organised?
– Why do workers need to fight against anarchism and amateurishness in matters of organisation?

Comrade Harpal gives an excellent and timely overview of this essential text.

For more on the book, see our article Lenin on party building. Or read the entire text here.