Brian Berletic: How and why the west lies about Myanmar

Who could possibly be interested in destabilising this vital node on the Belt and Road Initiative network?

The western media described a recent strike by Myanmar‘s military as having “bombed a concert”, making it sound as if the attack had been a senseless strike on innocent music-lovers.

In fact, the strike took place against an armed rebel base, and the concert it was hosting was attended not only by terrorist militants but by their leaders.

In this video, Brian Berletic of the New Atlas looks at how and why the western media lies about this and many other aspects of Myanmar’s ongoing conflict.

To understand this, as all other questions, we must look not only at the surface events, but at the context in which they have taken place. In the case of Myanmar, the most vital piece of context ignored by western media is that the country maintains a firm friendship with China and is a crucial node on the Belt and Road trading network, every point upon which has become a target for hostile action by the USA, from terror attacks against construction workers to regime-change operations against host governments.

Brian Berletic’s meticulous research provides this and more much-needed missing context, systematically blowing apart the imperialists’ lies and revealing their true actions and intent.