Condemn the demolition of monuments to the WW2 victory over Nazism!

History is being rewritten and Soviet sacrifices are being desecrated as hundreds of WW2 memorials are dismantled across the Baltics.

Party statement

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The imperialists have for decades been pushing a rewritten version of history that equates fascism with communism and ascribes any number of imaginary ‘crimes’ to the Soviet victors of WW2, who are presented as somehow having been ‘as bad as’ the vicious Nazi occupiers. The intense russobia that has accompanied the Ukraine war has furnished an excuse for the latest offensive in this propaganda campaign, with hundreds of war memorials all over the Baltics being targeted for demolition.

Proletarian writersParty statement

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The following joint statement was initiated by the Baltic Platform and has been signed by our party.


The ruling political forces in the Baltic countries are carrying out a large-scale campaign to distort the true causes of the beginning, course and results of the second world war.

One of the radical methods of this campaign is the mass demolition of monuments dedicated to the events and heroes of this historical period. The latest reason given to justify these acts of vandalism is the fictitious equating of the actions of the Red Army to liberate the territory of the Baltics from the Nazi invaders to the ongoing armed conflict between Ukraine and Russia.

The parties and organiations signing this statement declare that the monuments to the events of the second world war have no connection with today’s events in Ukraine. All the peoples of the former USSR, including Ukrainians, bravely fought against Nazi Germany and its allies, many of them died in this struggle.

The result was a great victory over nazism, unanimously recognised by the whole world immediately after the end of the war. Ignoring this fact is cynical political hypocrisy.

We call on sane people of all countries, who cherish the historical memory and the true facts about the greatest tragedy of the second world war, strongly to condemn all attempts to distort our history and the campaign carried out by the Baltic governments to demolish our sacred monuments.