Solidarity with the people of Peru!

As in Bolivia, the people are resisting a US-backed coup that has removed their elected president and replaced him with a fascistic comprador.

Party statement

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Once again in Latin America, an elected leftist presendent has been removed via a US-inspired coup. The Peruvian people, meanwhile, continue to protest, demanding an end to the bloody suppression of their protests, the resignation of Boluarte, the closure of the corrupt Peruvian congress, fresh elections, the convening of a new assembly to replace the Fujimori-era constitution, and the release of Pedro Castillo.

The following joint statement was initiated by the Peruvian Communist party and signed by the CPGB-ML in Caracas.


The political parties meeting on the occasion of the international conference of the World Anti-imperialist Platform in Caracas, Venezuela on 4 March 2023, declare the following:

1. We denounce before the international community the establishment in Peru of a civil-military dictatorship with the puppet government of Dina Boluarte, the Peruvian congress and the armed forces, which in their desire to perpetuate themselves in power have assassinated more than 60 Peruvian fighters for the restoration of democracy.

2. The disastrous fascist alliance of the congress-armed forces-Dina Boluarte have executed in Peru a plan of democratic breakdown and persecution of social and political leaders, with the open participation of the US ambassador, to wrest the presidency from the democratically elected José Pedro Castillo Terrones, today imprisoned without a sentence for 36 months.

As well as ensuring the renewal of legal contracts in favour of transactional companies and demanding that Peru hand over Soviet weapons to the USA, and thus involve Peru in the Nato war against Russia in Ukraine.

3. We stand in solidarity with the social, worker, peasant and political organisations and their leaders, especially with the CGTP, the Peruvian Communist party, the Coordinator of Left and Progressive Organisations, the peoples and communities of the regions of Puno, Arequipa, Cusco, Apurímac, Madre de Dios and Ayacucho in their sacrificial fight for democracy against the fascist dictatorship installed in Peru.

We call on the democratic governments of Latin America and the world to stand in solidarity with the Peruvian people, for the restoration of democratic freedoms, to denounce the violations of human rights and to demand the prosecution of murderers and respect for life.

4 March 2023