Model motion: Break the link with Labour

The essential precondition for a successful struggle for decent pay is that our unions must break their connection with the imperialist Labour party.

Proletarian writers

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Tony Blair may be the most notorious of Labour party war criminals, but his pro-imperialist policies were no aberration. Since 1900, the Labour party has consistently served the interests and defended the rule of Britain’s imperialist financiers. While the working class retains its ties to this anti-worker party, its struggle for liberation remains doomed to failure.

Proletarian writers

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This model motion for use by trade unionists and others is included in our upcoming pamphlet Manifesto for the Crisis, which will be available to buy soon in the party bookshop.


This [conference]* condemns the Labour party’s century-long history of prioritising the interests of Britain’s imperialist ruling class over the interests of working-class people whom it constantly claims, but persistently fails, to represent.

Conference notes that the election of Labour governments has consistently proved to be a chimera as far as delivering benefits to working-class people in Britain is concerned. Many illegal wars, privatisations and other criminal, anti-worker measures have been enacted by Labour governments, or supported by Labour leaders on the opposition benches, and none have been repealed or reversed by the Labour party in office.

Conference therefore concludes that the insistent demand that members’ struggles should be subordinated to the electoral agenda of the anti-worker Labour party is an unacceptable one-way street. Labour party subordination and anti-union laws have created a situation where unions enter every fight with both hands tied behind their backs.

Conference believes that our organisation’s leaders and subscription fees must be freed up to act solely in the interests of our members and our class; no longer tied to a machinery that seeks to suppress workers’ struggles for decent pay, pensions and working conditions.

Conference therefore resolves that the union will disaffiliate from the Labour party and refocus its efforts on pursuing a line that is in the interests of our members and independent of the control of the British ruling class.


* Change as required: eg, branch, meeting, union, etc.