Seven decades of US imperialist interference in Ukraine

Over 200 CIA documents from 1957 reveal consistent work aimed at creating an uprising that could cut Ukraine away from the USSR.

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This short video gives a quick run-down of the divide in Ukraine between the east and the west that has been fuelled in order to lay the groundwork for today’s war against Russia on Ukrainian soil.

A divide known to, studied, and exploited by the USA and its Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) since at least 1957 – as it had been used by imperialists in Britain and Germany before that.

Using subversive tactics, the CIA aimed to exacerbate this divide and weaken the Soviet Union – in much the same way as it aims to weaken Russia today.

What is particularly noteworthy is that imperialist efforts to create division in the former Soviet Socialist Republic of Ukraine has, since the fall of the USSR, carried on along precisely the same geographical lines as were mapped out in 1957. The ‘most promising’ ground for nationalist/separatist activity was identified as being located in the west, and that is precisely where the fascist militias for the 2014 Maidan coup were developed by the USA, the European Union and their local stooges.

The ‘least promising’ areas for anti-Soviet activity were acknowledged in 1957 to be the revolutionary strongholds of Crimea and the Donbass – and, indeed, the people in these areas gave short shrift to the fascist forces that were sent against them after the success of the coup in Kiev, rising up in defence of their land and their liberty.

Pro-Soviet and antifascist sentiments remain strong in these eastern regions, as do Russian cultural and linguistic connections. Unsurprising considering that these lands were indisputably Russian for centuries before their transfer to the Ukrainian socialist state under the overall stewardship of the brotherhood of nations that was the USSR.

Other areas with strong antifascist traditions such as Odessa and Mariupol were suppressed at great cost to the people there, who suffered immeasurably from the rule of the rampaging hit squads of Azov and other marauding bully-boys of imperialism.


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