Victory to the Palestinian people in their just war for liberation!

The Palestinians are fighting a just war against imperialist-backed genocidal zionism. They will surely prevail.

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In today’s world no one is innocent, no one a neutral. A man is either with the oppressed or he is with the oppressors. He who takes no interest in politics gives his blessing to the prevailing order, that of the ruling classes and exploiting forces.

– George Habash, Founder of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP)


As the Palestinian resistance launches its Al-Aqsa Flood battle, the CPGB-ML reaffirms its unconditional and wholehearted support and solidarity for the Palestinian struggle, which is once more breaking out into serious, coordinated armed resistance. As it was bound to do.

We communists join together with all progressive humanity in congratulating the Palestinian people and their chosen leadership on the audacious, daring and effective military action they are now taking against the last settler-colonial apartheid state, that monstrous proxy for Anglo-American imperialism, usurper of the Palestinian lands, rights and nationhood, zionist Israel.

Whatever the outcome of this battle, communists need to explain to those who are susceptible to hysterical bourgeois propaganda, full of fake outrage and crocodile tears over the fate of ‘Israeli women and children’, that this situation was not created by the Palestinians but by the imperialists and their proxies, in particular by British and US imperialism.

The fascistic Israeli zionists are their puppets, but they chose this role. They chose to take imperialist bribes, to live by dominating the local population on behalf of imperialism, to turn their children into the brutal, racist attack-dogs and armed guards of the British and American oil monopolies. They had a choice in all this.

The Palestinian and wider Arab masses had no choice. Their lands were invaded and occupied. Their families were brutalised and massacred. Their resistance leaders were assassinated. Puppets and proxies were placed over them. Their sovereignty was stolen. Their riches were looted. Their development was held back. Their humanity has been persistently denied.

Not to resist all this would be to deny that very humanity. Resistance is inevitable and it is just.

Even the United Nations was long ago forced to accept that the Palestinian people have the right to resist occupation and obliteration by whatever means they choose.

Much as we abhor violence as humans; much as we long for peace and security, we are not pacifists because we know that violence comes with class society and will not disappear until class society is done away with for good.

Socialist science makes it clear that in our present conditions, there are such things as just wars that must be supported by the working class. One category of these is wars of national liberation waged by the oppressed and colonised peoples.

That is why we greet with joy the risen Palestinian resistance, which is expressing the humanity of the entire Palestinian people and their determination to win freedom.

We are sure, if not today then tomorrow, our Palestinian brothers and sisters will be successful in achieving their freedom, and all humanity will benefit from the defeat they will inflict on the imperialists, whose position in the middle east has been fatally weakened by the course of the US-led aggressive wars in the region over the last 30 years.

The imperialists sent their armies into the region to assert their total dominance over middle-eastern oil, which remains the most vital of all commodities in the global economy – fuel for their industry and their war machines. But the combined efforts of the Iraqi resistance, the Syrian resistance, the Lebanese resistance, the Yemeni resistance and the Palestinian resistance, mass movements that were supported in various ways by the fraternal assistance of Iran and Russia, between them created a new reality in the region that was the reverse of what had been intended.

These changed realities, brought about by mass resistance and exacerbated by the deep and deepening economic crisis of the global capitalist economy, underpin the success of the Chinese diplomacy that brought about the recent rapprochement between Iran and Saudi Arabia.

Israel may have many weapons, but it has never looked so weak and exposed. The USA’s ability to back it up with unlimited firepower and funding has been heavily eroded by the course of Nato’s failing war in Ukraine.

The Palestinians have chosen their moment well. They deserve the full support of workers and oppressed peoples everywhere. Whatever we can do to strengthen the forces of resistance we must do. Their victory will resound around the world, will enhance the prospects for further defeats of imperialism and further victories for the workers and oppressed peoples.

Expose the lies of the corporate imperialist media!
No cooperation with the criminal zionist state and its war machine!
Victory to the resistance!


The Arab people are vigorously fighting in arms against US imperialism and the Israeli aggressors. It is quite natural that the gallant Arab people resist the armed aggressors with arms.

As long as the imperialists plunder and oppress the people by violence, the oppressed peoples can win freedom and independence and regain their deprived rights only when they fight with arms in their hands against the aggressors. This is a plain truth of the anti-imperialist liberation struggle proved by history.

The armed struggle of the Arab people against US imperialism and the Israeli aggressors is a just struggle to defend national independence and dignity, restore the occupied Arab territories and accomplish the cause of liberation of the Palestinian people. This revolutionary struggle of the Arab people enlists the active support and encouragement of the progressive peoples the world over.

– Comrade Kim Il Sung, Founder of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea


Defend Palestine, refuse to submit to criminalisation!

  • In every imperialist country, moves are afoot to criminalise any form of support for Palestine, no matter how mild. Even waving a flag or asking your pension fund to divest from illegal settlement activity could soon be branded ‘antisemitic’, ‘support for terrorism’ and liable to criminal charges.
  • Such laws are not a reflection of anything other than the desperation of our ruling elites, who know they have lost the battle of public opinion and wish to continue their criminal support for Israel away from the glare of publicity.
    The only response to such legislation is to make it unworkable in practice by mass non-cooperation.
  • If such laws are brought in, British workers should consider themselves duty bound to clog up the courts with cases against Palestinian flag-wavers!
  • Just like our brothers and sisters in Palestine, we must show that we are undaunted by the seeming strength of the machinery of repression that the ruling class uses to terrify us into submission; the truth is that their power extends only so far as we allow it.
  • Recognising the indivisibility of our joint fight against capitalist-imperialist inhumanity, we must give every possible support to Palestine and refuse to cooperate in any way with the imperialist lies and war effort against the Palestinian liberation struggle.

Download this leaflet as a pdf.