PFLP: ‘Our people are in good shape; they will not raise the white flag’

Our resistance operation has destroyed the enemy’s security and defence strategies and dealt them a humiliating military and security defeat.

The PFLP has urged the Arab masses to mobilise en masse against the US and zionist embassies in their countries. It has also called on solidarity movements around the world to escalate their resistance activities. Italian logistics workers have already heeded the call, promising not to move any arms shipments bound for Israel.

The following statement was issued in the early hours of this morning by Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) deputy secretary-general Jamil Mezher. It is important to note that the Palestinian resistance is made up of many forces, not only ‘Hamas’, and that all the armed groups are united in this present offensive against occupation and genocide.


Our people are engaged in the heroic epic of Al-Aqsa Flood, initiated by a handful of brave resistance fighters, who within hours, through a surprise operation, managed to inflict a humiliating defeat on the enemy. This operation destroyed the enemy’s security and defence strategies and dealt them a humiliating military and security defeat.

The enemy has committed a heinous massacre in the Al-Maamadani hospital in Gaza city, killing hundreds of martyrs, including children, women and elders. This is an attempt by this enemy to subdue our people, force them into submission, and drive them away under the bombardment and destruction.

We tell this criminal enemy: No matter how many bloody massacres you commit, our people will not leave but will remain steadfast and firm on their land, regardless of the sacrifices made.

These crimes cannot overshadow the enemy’s defeat, and the disgrace that befell its soldiers and security system.

In the face of this zionist madness and crime, it is imperative to urgently intervene to save our people who are facing a war of extermination and ethnic cleansing. In response to this heinous massacre, we affirm the following:

We call upon the masses of our people in the West Bank, Al-Quds, and the 1948 territories to rise up in an intifada against the occupation and settler hordes.

We call on Arab leaders to take a united stand to boycott the US administration, expel its military bases, and close its embassies in the region.

Ambassadors of the enemy state should be expelled, and Arab ambassadors should be withdrawn from the zionist entity.

We urge the Arab masses to mobilise en masse to the squares and fields and besiege the US and zionist embassies in their countries.

We call on the free forces and those in solidarity with the Palestinian people around the world to escalate their struggle and resistance against the zionist enemy, the US administration, and the old and new colonial powers in Europe that are partners in this aggression against our people.

Our people, our noble and heroic nation: Despite the bombardment, destruction and genocidal war waged by the enemy against our people, and despite the American and western complicity, our people and our resistance are in good shape, performing heroically, and they will not surrender or raise the white flag.

Our people’s resistance will pave the way for the decisive and inevitable victory over this criminal and defeated zionist entity. The battle continues, and victory is undoubtedly on the side of the Palestinian people and their valiant resistance.