Solidarity with Greek comrades under attack for anti-imperialist activities!

Why did fascist thugs choose the eve of our Platform conference to issue threats to a member of the organising team?

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The CPGB-ML wishes to express its solidarity with communists in Greece, who were recently subjected to a cowardly attempt to terrorise a member of their organisation.

According to a report from the Collective of Struggle for the Revolutionary Unification of Humanity in Athens: “On the eve of the anniversary of the Polytechnic uprising and the opening of the World Anti-imperialist Platform conference (Athens, 17 November 2023), our comrade found slipped under his front door a threatening note written in Ukrainian and ending with the Nazi salute ‘Sieg Heil’.

“Our comrade is well and remains under protection. But this type of threat evokes memories of the dark times of deep state terrorism.

“At a time when the ongoing World War 3 is rapidly escalating, with the fronts of Ukraine and Palestine already burning and new fronts being prepared by Euro-Atlantic imperialism (one in fascistic south Korea and another in the Taiwanese puppet state), these acts of deep state security force terror against organisations and individuals who are working to build a front, at local and global level, capable of turning the barrel of the gun back on the aggressors themselves are bound to intensify.

All the more so on the occasion of events with a clear anti-imperialist and internationalist orientation, such as the international conferences organised by the World Anti-imperialist Platform.

“We would expect nothing else from the subservient Greek state and its deep state mechanisms except their continued contribution to the effort to suppress and undermine the anti-imperialist movement in our country and internationally.

“We call on our comrades, friends and democrats everywhere to publicly denounce this incident.

“Militants of the people will not be intimidated. The victory of the forces of socialism and anti-imperialism, hand in hand with the defeat of the main sponsor and exporter of fascism in the world, Nato, is certain.”

We in the CPGB-ML affirm our commitment to the continuation of this anti-imperialist work alongside our Greek comrades, no matter what threats and false accusations are used to try to silence us – as exampled by the recent arrest of our own party comrades on charges of ‘inciting racial hatred’ when distributing an anti-zionist pamphlet.

The threat to our Greek comrades, who nevertheless proceeded to host a very successful conference of the World Anti-imperialist Platform in Athens, demonstrates the increasing repression and intimidation of our movement across the European continent. That conference also issued a strong statement in support of the Palestinian people’s national-liberation struggle and against zionism, the ideology of the imperialist stooge regime in the middle east.

It is clear that any meaningful resistance to the US-led Nato war machine from now on will inevitably trigger a response from the imperialists, as their economic crisis deepens and their drive towards ever more war intensifies.

As communists, as anti-imperialists and as internationalists, we stand united against these tactics of intimidation, which in fact show how threatened our rulers feel when faced with the workers’ defence of the Palestinian cause and with our common efforts to bring about the defeat of the imperialist war machine – and of its military, economic and propaganda wars against Russia and China in particular.

No Pasaran! Proletarian internationalism and anti-imperialism will win!
The people, united, will never be defeated!